Generation Sinai is an annual project created for Jewish children initiated by The Office of the Chief Rabbi of South Africa. The 2019 project required Mama Creative to come up with a campaign where the target audience will be learning about the morning brachot (blessings). The objective is to get children, parents and teachers in Jewish schools in South Africa to engage with the content in a memorable way.

The way we start our day is so important as it sets the tone for the day ahead. 
The morning blessings frame our day in gratitude, purpose, wonder, purity and growth.

The plan is to create predominantly print media that will be published and distributed to
Jewish schools across South Africa. On the launch day parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will be invited to schools where they will have opportunity to learn, laugh, and spend time, together with the children.


Print Media - Nursery Book

The nursery book is targeted for younger children. Each card in the compilation presents a prayer in a whimsical but practical way. They can be coloured in and personalised, 
making it a fun and engaging way to learn. 

Print Media - Primary School Sticker Book

The book is vibrant and eye-catching, from the front cover, the colours and movement build expectation and inspire interest from the word go. Information is presented in a way that can be consumed at varying depths, to say the prayer, to dive into the meaning, 
to engage in discussion. Each prayer is singled out and given a life of its own 
through its own visual identity. Stickers are provided to reward continued use 
and allow the book to live beyond its pages.​​​​​​​

Introduction Video - Chief Rabbi Waren Goldstein 

Print Media - Poster Invites

Print Media - Sticker Chart

Social Media - Photo Frames

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